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Browse the full range of children's medieval toys from below with this page alone, saving you time and effort browsing our web site. Simply scroll this page to find the full set of toys under their titles which includes; knights, castles, figures, tournament, weaponry, accessories, role play, books, games and collectibles all with a medieval theme. Kids medieval toys provide wonderful educational value, allowing young children to develop their imaginations with medieval role play.

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Toy Knights

Schleich Archer Kneeling
Schleich Crusaders Foot Soldier Warhammer
Schleich Fleur De Lis Archer
Schleich Fleur De Lis Crossbowman
Schleich Fleur De Lis Foot Soldier Mace
Schleich Fleur De Lis Foot Soldier Sword
Schleich Fleur De Lis Knight Big Sword
Schleich Fleur De Lis Knight Lance Horse
Schleich Fleur De Lis Prince Reared Up Horse
Schleich Fleur De Lis Tournament Knight
Schleich Foot Soldier
Schleich Foot Soldier with Battle Axe
Schleich Foot Soldier with Stone
Schleich Foot Soldier with Throwing Axes
Schleich Knight on Horse with Sword Red
Schleich Knight on Horse with Sword
Schleich Lion Foot Soldier Mace
Schleich Lion Foot Soldier Warhammer
Schleich Lion Knight Battle Axe
Schleich Lion Knight Big Sword
Schleich Lion Prince Reared Up Horse
Schleich Mythical Black Knight Horse
Schleich Sentry
Schleich Tournament Knight Dragon
Schleich Tournament Knight
Schleich Tournament Knight Taurus
Schleich Two Handed Sword
Papo Armoured Red Knight
Papo Blade Helmet Knight Blue
Papo Demon of Darkness
Papo Dragon King Blue
Papo Dragon King Red
Papo Faceless Horseman
Papo Great Sword Knight Blue
Papo Red Bowman
Papo King Richard Blue
Papo King Richard Red
Papo Knight Bull Black and Gold
Papo Knight Dragon
Papo Knight Ram Blue
Papo Knight Round Helmet Blue
Papo Knight Stag Red
Papo Knight Templar
Papo Knight Unicorn Silver
Papo Knight with Crest Blue
Papo Knight with Crest Red
Papo Knight with Red Feather
Papo Prince of Darkness
Plastoy Tubo Knights Tube
Plastoy Azur Knight
Plastoy Green Knight
Plastoy Knight w/ Dragon Crest On Horse
Plastoy Knight with Red Crest On Horse
Plastoy Phoenix Knight
Plastoy Tubo Forgotten Lands Tube
Wild Republic Medieval Tube

Toy Castles

Schleich Knights Castle
Le Toy Van My First Castle Red
Le Toy Van My First Castle Blue
Le Toy Van Lionheart Castle
Le Toy Van Camelot Castle Red
Le Toy Van Hilltop Castle
Le Toy Van Devils Gate Castle
Plastoy Knights Castle with Red Dragon
Plastoy Fortified Castle French Version
Melissa & Doug Fold And Go Castle
Melissa & Doug Folding Medieval Castle
Pintoy Wooden Medieval Castle
Pintoy Wooden Medieval Castle Extension


Schleich King
Schleich Prince
Schleich Princess
Schleich Blacksmith
Schleich Court Jester
Schleich Damsel of the Castle


Papo Billy Goat
Papo Greyhound
Schleich Donkey Foal
Schleich Donkey
Schleich Hen
Schleich Holstein Calf
Schleich Holstein Cow
Schleich Musk Ox
Schleich Piglet Standing
Schleich Ram
Schleich Red Deer Cow
Schleich Red Deer
Schleich Red Fox
Schleich Rooster
Schleich Sheep Standing
Schleich Sow
Schleich White-Tailed Buck
Schleich Wild Rabbit
Schleich Wolf


Schleich Jousting Set
Schleich Siege Tent


Schleich Catapult
Plastoy Knight Castle Assault Tower
Plastoy Knight Castle Fighting Ram
Plastoy Knight Castle Disc Launcher
Le Toy Van Le Trebuchet
Le Toy Van Siege Tent, Blue
Le Toy Van Siege Tower, Blue
Le Toy Van Siege Tower, Red


Le Toy Van Prisoner Cage
Le Toy Van Castle Playmat


Bristol Novelty Boys Knight Childrens Fancy Dress Costume Age 7-9
Bristol Novelty Value Costume Royal Crusader Age 3-5
Legler Knight's Helmet
Melissa & Doug Knight Costume Role Play Set
Pams Small Childrens Knight Costume
Rubies Boys Medieval Knight Costume Age 5-7
Rubies Child's Warrior King Fancy Dress Costume
Smiffys 3 Piece Crusader Set with Shield & Sword
Smiffys Knight Crusader Set with 2 Swords & Shield
Thingimijigs Child Knight Fancy Dress Costume Age 9-11


1001 Knights and Castle Things to Spot (Hardcover)
Castles (Hardcover)
How to be a Medieval Knight (Paperback)
I Wonder Why Castles Had Moats and Other Questions About Long Ago (Paperback)
In the Castle (Paperback)
Knights and Castles (100 Facts) Paperback
Knights and Castles (Paperback)
Knights and Castles Sticker Book (Paperback)
Knights and Castles Things to Make and Do (Paperback)
Knight's Handbook
Mad About Castles and Knights (Hardcover)
Make this Castle (Paperback)
See Inside Castle: With Sounds (See Inside) Hardcover
See Inside Castles
Sticker Dressing Knights (Paperback)
What Were Castles For? [Illustrated] [Paperback]


Crocodile Creek Knight's Castle Floor Puzzle
Djeco Fortress Castle Puzzle
Djeco Knights 54-Piece Puzzle
Fiesta Crafts Ltd Dr Baffler Puzzles Castle Great Escape Puzzle
Galt Toys Horrible Histories (Cracking Castle Puzzle)
Galt Toys Magic Puzzle Castle
Orchard Toys Magical Castle
Ravensburger Little Knight 60 Pieces Puzzle


William Britain Knights of Agincourt - Knights Duelling
William Britain Knights of Agincourt
William Britain Knights of the Round Table - King Arthur & Guinevere
William Britain Knights of the Round Table - Sir Lancelot
Knights of the Round Table - Sir Percivale